Professional services

Any business professional legally able to incorporate is an ideal client for the firm.  These professionals include lawyers, architects, veterinarians and social workers.  The intricacies of incorporation are not for the faint of heart – join forces with Ark Accounting & Tax to fully understand the process and get the most out of your corporation.

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Ark Accounting & Tax offers the business and accounting services professionals need most.  These services include:

  • Year- end financial statements and tax returns
  • Assistance with GST/HST, RST and Insurance Premium returns
  • T4/T5 preparation for end of year salary or dividends paid
  • Information and advice on the benefits of the low corporate tax rate
  • Tax structuring
  • Tax planning and income splitting
  • Finding the right salary/dividend mix based on your situation
  • Assistance with setting up PHSP, HAWT and life insurance
  • Assistance with Smith Manoeuvre to make your mortgage tax-deductible
  • Bookkeeping system (Xero) set up and assistance

Whatever your needs, Ark Accounting & Tax has a simple and effective solution.